RISCO is highly experienced in manufacturing commercial fasteners for a range of applications and industries. When it comes to supplying cold-headed products for commercial use, we specialize in build-to-print projects for both standard and customized fasteners.

RISCO Fasteners for Commercial Applications

Whether you need commercial fasteners for military applications, shelving, musical instruments or anything in between, RISCO has decades of manufacturing experience at your disposal. We offer many types of head styles, thread forms, and even drive styles for you to choose from, and can work with several different thread series as well. Some of the materials that we often work with include:

  • Carbons
  • Alloy steel
  • Stainless steels
  • Exotic metals

We are experienced with UNC, UNF, UNJ, and Metric thread series, and can assist you with picking the right product and style to suit your needs.


RISCO works with a variety of rivet types and sizes. No matter how simple or complex, we have the capabilities to supply the rivets you need.


Screws, in all of their styles and forms, are often small but vital components found in a wide range of commercial applications. You can learn more about our screw manufacturing capabilities here.


RISCO offers a full line of standard and custom studs and bolts to meet our customers’ needs. Find our more about the different styles we can manufacture of both.


We dedicate ourselves to supplying quality products for our customers, even in the simplest cold-headed products. And that includes a variety of pins for commercial applications.

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RISCO, Inc. is a full-service supplier of fasteners and custom cold-headed products. Contact us today with your project and your questions to get started. We would be happy to use our experience to assist you with all of your fastener needs.