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Founded in 1964, RISCO, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015-certified producer of cold-headed products, with a vast product line to offer our customers. Our products range from screws, bolts, pins, rivets, and other specialty and standard fasteners.


Our team has been consistently providing quality, specialty fasteners, timely and customized service, and competitive pricing since our inception. We also offer several secondary operations, like thread rolling and slotting, to supply finished products to our customers.

With our stringent quality control procedures and attention to detail, it is no wonder our fasteners have been supplied to various markets worldwide for more than 50 years.

The Products We Manufacture

RISCO specializes in fasteners and cold-headed products. Whether you need rivets, screws, studs, bolts and pins, or any other standard or specialized fasteners, RISCO is here for you. We can manufacture products ranging from 1- to ½-inch in diameter and up to 3 ¾-inches in length.

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You Can Find Our Fasteners Around the Globe

Whether they’re for aerospace, automotive, commercial, or defense applications, RISCO can manufacture standard or custom fasteners to meet your needs.

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For the highest quality cold-headed fasteners, contact RISCO, Inc. We manufacture quality standard and specialty products for several major OEM companies across a range of industries. No project runs are too big, too small, too standard, or too complex for us.

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    Why CHOOSE RISCO, Inc.?

    • We are a woman-owned minority business.
    • We are the number one supplier of screws through 3/8-inch bolts up to 3-inches long.
    • Our facility comprises 30,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.
    • We have over 40 pieces of cold heading, slotting, thread rolling and drilling equipment.
    • We have a proven record of performance.
    • We are certified: ISO 9001:2015, Register – Det Norske Veritas, DOD/QSLM Approved.
    • RISCO is an approved Supplier for several major OEM Companies.
    • Our team are experts in both Specialty and Standard Cold-Formed Parts.
    • We offer New Product Research and Development Assistance.